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Tips for Biology Board Exam 

Hey guys my name is Vaibhav and in this article I am gonna tell you how you can get 90 + above marks in your board exams which is very easy and I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve this marks.

So first of all let me tell you about myself my name is Vaibhav and I was not loving Biology when I was in class ninth but when I reached in class 10 due to the increased pressure on me to being 90% above marks in board exams I was very nervous and varied but as my and with the help of my teachers guidance I was able to achieve that marks and you can see my I got very less marks in Biology in class last I got full marks hundred out of hundred in class 10 so how was the able to achieve that.

 I am gonna tell you in this blog post please try to follow all my tips and be a regular visitor to my website I provide high quality study materials and current affairs for all kinds of thank you so let's start our first topic.



Biology contain a lot of chapter and a lot of difficulty keywords which are very hard to understand or to revise so the my first step is to take an overview of your biology syllabus first of all you have to do one thing you have together all your syllabus and write on a paper does the paper content should be like you what what chapters are in your syllabus and what are the topics the subtopics mainly you can find on your books index page you can see in your book that your chapter contains this much content and this much of subtopics so gather this information on a piece of paper and stick it to a wall near you.

So this is gonna help you very much I will explain you the main importance of this habit so this habit tells you the overview of your whole syllabus and which you can plan that which chapter can be done first which chapter contains lot of content with chapter contains lot of marks with chapters question came in previous year ok so like this you have to make a chart a proper overview of your syllabus with not only for Biology I suggest to make it for every single subject and I will guarantee you that you can achieve good marks in exams so let's move on to the next topic. 


Second topic which is collect all important questions and keep it with you and and keep them in a proper and safe place so this is a very high quality tip so basically you have to collect all your important questions and PDF or any e-notes so so as you can see in my website you can find content of any subject for class 10th I have a separate tab so there you can check all the notes and PDF which are provided you at free of cost I am not taking any charges at they are very high quality.

 I bet if you learn them properly and revised them no one can stop you from bringing 95% plus marks so please keep in mind that you have to learn ok at on my website at provide high quality study material for every subject of class 10th and competitive exams so I will provide your important question all nodes you don't have to go outside for buying extra book for helper I will provide you every single important question in my website


Anybody can provide you any content on notes for important questions but the original notes that you made by your own are the most high quality notes keep this word in mind read the book thoroughly and collect the information on a sheet of paper in the form of notes and mark all the important keywords and write it down as a separate sheet with all the meaning and answer the questions in the sheet this will surely help you as this as you will learn all your syllabus and revised thoroughly because the notes are made by you by reading the book so this will surely help you you must follow these steps let's move on to the next important tips


The previous year question all the important question that are most likely to come in the next Upcoming exam as I learn from the the previous year question many question exactly came like that they were in the previous year just the language was changed but the content or the portion was not so my main tip is to revise from previous year question papers and it will surely help you to get more marks in your board exams.

As you can find all previous year question PDF in my website on the class 10th tab previous 10 year question paper will surely help you and you will find the PDF in my home tab in class 10th section so all the best best of luck and let's move on to a main and important tip.


If I go on to main tip that comes in my mind in mind of every class 10 or board exam giving students never lose hope and believe in yourself you have the guts to get or achieve highest marks possible on this planet no one is intelligent from birth but they have to become intelligent,intelligent means the one gain knowledge not the one who just study for several hours keep your health proper and study a lot with taking a proper knowledge if you follow all my tips a bad no one can stop you from being 90% above in your board exams you have the guts make it simple make it clear

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