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Hydrobromic Acid   is a strong acid found by dissolving the diatomic molecule hydrogen Bromide in water. Hydrobromic acid is a colourless to light yellow liquid that is formed from one atom of Hydrogen and one atom of bromine it is also one of the strongest mineral acids when gaseous hydrogen Bromide which is a very highly toxic and extremely soluble in water it is always highly acidic and corrosive liquid hBR which is also known as hydrobromic acid is formed.

Hydrobromic acid Formula

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Hydrobromic acid is a diatomic molecule which consists of a single covalent bond between the hydrogen and bromine atoms. It is a very strong acid as a covalent bond can be easily ionized because of high electronegativity of bromine atom therefore it is stronger than hydrochloric acid the chemical or molecular formula of hydrobromic acid is HBr 

It appears in the colour and it has a fumes with a pungant irritating smell or odour.

If we talked about the hydrobromic acid formula structure it's very simple every anybody can write and anybody can elaborate at it simpler consists of a hydrogen atom with a single slash and a bromine atom or molecule so and you can see below the I have given the picture of the hydrobromic acid formula structure.

H - Br

Properties Of Hydrobromic Acid Formula

Chemical formula of Hydrobromic acidHBr(aq)
Molecular weight of Hydrobromic acid80.91 g/mol
Density of Hydrobromic acid1.49 g/cm3
Boiling point of Hydrobromic acid122 °C
Melting point of Hydrobromic acid−11 °C

Is it can see in the above table you can see that I have read that in the chemical formula of hydrobromic acid which is HBr so as you can see it is an aqua solution that is very very highly dangerous acid that is more dangerous than the hydrochloric acid or HCL which we considered as the most deadliest acid next you can see in the molecular weight or molar mass of a hydrobromic acid which is equal to 80.91 g/mol.

Hydrobromic acid strong or weak ?

So as you know that I will contain many acids from which only a few acids are dangerous so the danger the list of the dangerous acid in the world can be our next topic for a new blog so in this topic I am going to talk about is hydrobromic acid dangerous acid is stronger than hydrochloric acid or it is weak acid and is hydrobromic acid weak or strong so if you go to Google on Wikipedia you can easily find that hydrobromic acid is the most strongest acid after some on normal assets so it is very stronger it can dissolve gold also so it works as a Regent and with the very pungant smell so it is yes it is very strong acid.

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